Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Archie's progress

He's still very sick but the vet is encouraged by his responsiveness so he's home with us again after another exhausting (for all of us) trip to the vet.

He's got old dog vestibular syndrome, which in most cases clears itself up, although the underlying cause can be a tumour. We just have to watch, wait and see - lots and lots of TLC are on the menu, along with "special" supper, which amounts to being hand-fed with chicken or fish.

This morning, I was the one cracking up under the pressure but I feel calmer now I've been able to look the condition up online and see what a range of experts have to say.
This pic was taken eighteen months ago when he was enjoying a romp on the moor.

Please send any good vibes to Archie and if you have any fairy dust in your pocket, sprinkle a bit for him......and for us.


Nicky said...

Oh Linda... sending positive vibes to you and Archie, may he pull through this ((hugs)) N xx

Anonymous said...

Oh, so sorry to hear about this... We're sending our love and thoughts for Archie and thetwo of you... Hang in there.

Joan said...


I hope Archie is ok. Glad to see that you are writing. I love this picture of Archie.