Sunday, 14 September 2008

Cross-dressing Footie

It was the day of the Meadow Fair yesterday - a range of stalls on the school playing field in our old village, including (but not comprehensively), plate smashing, a barbecue and a bookstall. I bought three books at the princely sum of £1 for all three - a bargain if ever I saw one.

The Meadow Fair culminates in a football match, with all of the participants dressed up in women's clothing and in full pantomime style make-up. It truly is a sight for sore eyes as the men, fiercely compete teams made up of half men and then populated with ten year old (and a few younger ones too) boys, also in full women's dress. What a hoot. The game was closely fought and eventually won in an extra-time scramble by Howard's team. Howard, in a black lycra dress, and yellow furry rabbits ears, with a bunny face painted on and a ciggy in his hand, kept goal.

What's funny about this is that the men all love to play this mad game and spend weeks beforehand seeking out lavish dresses with sequins and pearl necklaces - our local charity shops must wonder what on earth is going on when a group of big, butch men, many with tattoos all over, go wandering in and trying on dresses! Last weekend, on the way to DMs Mum and Dad's party we popped in to see Pete and Erica and Pete was on the phone declaring his budget and explaining in minute detail what he wanted to Martin who was going off to buy the dresses that morning.

The weather yesterday was also beautiful - in fact it was probably the nicest day of the year. The blue skies over the whitewashed cottages, the field full of families enjoying the day out and spending the afternoon lying on the field with friends - it was just about a perfect day.

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