Sunday, 9 November 2008

the acid test

I've been on an adventure over the last few days as I said last time I posted. In part, it was meant to help me to get some closure and some solace but in part it was also meant to test my ability to survive on a trip after a year of near-isolation.

So, what did I learn?

Well, the first thing I've learned is that the trip was utterly exhausting. I am amazed regularly at how I managed all of my work commitments on top of that commute. I have come home so tired I feel as though I've been through a mangle. That's with no WORK involved at all. There was a time when I'd have done most of what I did this week, while putting in a twelve-hour working day too.

The second thing is that I am still not completely well in as much as my obsessive, compulsive side showed up when I was travelling to meet people and getting my timings so badly wrong that I spent a total of eight hours sitting around in stations and coffee bars simply waiting for my appointment with either friends or trains - equivalent to a full working day over the three-days of my journey.

Finally, I've worked out that there is so much more to life than dashing around. Even though I've had some "enforced" waits for people, it's actually quite nice to spend an hour drinking a coffee and reading a book without needing to dash off anywhere. I just wish I'd spent that hour in the comfort of my London home-from-home rather than in a relatively uncomfortable coffee bar. So, I reckon that if I can learn to curb my obsession about timings, I can make room in my world for some great that's a good lesson learned.

I'm saving my "adventure" story for another day so please bear with me on this one.

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