Monday, 17 November 2008

a happy medium

OK - So, yesterday morning I started by putting a coat of paint onto a wall in our annex. Then I went into the loft, carted a whole load of our predecessor's rubbish down into our big estate car (not boasting....well, you couldn't really boast about a ten-year-old Vecta estate of unknown mileage but certainly north of 160,000 miles..... just saying that it was a lot of rubbish). I roped in DM and we took the lot to the dump, sorted it and deposited it in the various recycling bins or general rubbish. Then when we got home, I did another coat of paint on the wall in the annex, filled the gaps where the new flooring meets the old flooring with wood filler, cleaned up the new floor and made lunch. Then I went back into the loft and sorted another car-load's worth of rubbish ready to take to the dump, along with cleared up a whole load of rubble that was just lying around up there. Next, a trip to Morrisons to buy a paper and a dustpan and brush (to get the rubble from the floor into a rubble sack). Then another coat of paint on the annex wall.

Next, two people who I love dearly (DM and our friend Dee) both gave me earache about "not doing too much" so I had a shower to remove all the grime and tucked myself up on the sofa with Mr Floppy (bunny) and Rosie (dog) in front of Hercules Parrot on the telly (no, not my original joke, one of Agatha Christie's own ones which I love so much I use it all the time myself).

I fell asleep (seems reasonable after the earlier part of my day) for a couple of hours, waking up at 6.30pm in time to set the fire and make the dinner. What did I get at this point - another earache about being asleep on the sofa.

I can't win. I get told off for doing too much and I get told off for doing too little. Where is the happy medium? Why can't I find it? Is it something that comes to you in a dream? Is it only available to certain types of people? Is it something I'll NEVER find?

Anyway - isn't being a happy medium just an excuse for being dull?

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